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How to Maximize Your Home’s Sale Price in a Buyer’s Market

Real estate transactions are always risky, and probably among the most important decisions, you’ll make during your lifetime. Particularly if you are selling the home, you’ve been living in for quite a long time. It has high emotional value for which makes a decision particularly tough and you certainly want to get significant financial compensation for it.

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Also, most people calculate money earned by selling current house to invest it into buying a new residence. Pretty similar calculations go for commercial real estates too. Trends and fluctuations in property prices at the market influence the overall value of your property a big time, but there are ways of increasing this value before selling.

How far to go with the renovation?

Some wise interventions and reconstructions of the worn-out areas in the house will certainly increase the overall selling price of your home. However, you don’t want to invest a third of the total price into renovation just to sell the place. Depending on the budget you have, plan these interventions wisely. Investing in reparation and remodeling of bathroom and kitchen is the best because solid installations and these two essential rooms in every house influence the price the most.

Repainting as the most profitable intervention

Repainting the walls of your home is an excellent trick to increase the value of the property, as well as to inspire potential buyers. Not only it makes the interior look more fresh and vital; it gives the whole indoor space a sense of new and you can always use a little psychology.


Namely, paint the walls into some charming neutral color to give potential buyers feeling of an empty canvas and inspire them to imagine their design. It attracts them more that making your own design statement all over the walls.

Adjust your property for presentation

Once you organize public presentation of your house to potential buyers, apply several tricks to make it look more attractive. Make sure to keep it clean and tidy inside and outside as well. Wash all the dishes, remove kids’ toys and books, wash windows. Trim greenery surrounding the house and move outside equipment into the garage. Use lighting you have to prepare premises for staging giving them attractive essence and atmosphere. Remember that most buyers will try to imagine their lives inside your house. Thus making the interior the most neutral you can.